A beautiful collection of 3 of our naturally dyed ribbons, perfect for ribbon streaming on wedding bouqeuts, creating your own wedding favours and stationary.

The set includes a total of 6 metres of ribbon.

AMETHYST - bamboo silk -  1.5 metres, 2 cm

SEA SILVER - habotai bias silk, 1.5 metres, 6.8cm width

LILAC - habotai bias silk - 1.5 metres, 3.4 cm width


Please note that all of our ribbons are naturally dyed.  There my be small marks and slight colour variations along the lengths, ading to the charm and uniqueness of the piece.  The ribbons are colourfast in cold-water and can be hand-washed as such.  Note that you should only use a pH neutral detergent on these ribbons, and we advise no detergent at all.  Ribbons can be ironed on a warm/hot temperature, but we do advise carrying out your own tests first.


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