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Width 42mm

Double edged leaves.

Natural colour undyed certified organic cotton guipure lace.

Manufactured in Europe, this guipure style lace trim is 100% certified organic cotton from seed to finished product. The family run factory have developed an innovative process to manufacture with environmentally friendy, non-toxic production techniques from seed to finished product, ensuring that no chemicals are used in the process. To avoid the standard chemical wash applied to these style of laces to remove the backing, an innovative cellulose backing has been developed, which is later removed by the application of hot water.

This is the only kind of organic machine made cotton lace on the market, and is of very high quality not only in the organic market, but also the mainstream market.

Suitable for dyeing, or hydrogen peroxide bleaching.

This lace is suitable for a wide range of uses including dressmaking, millinery, light upholstery, bridal accessories and lingerie.

Fully washable.

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