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Posted by Sian Cornish on 1st Oct 2018


The trend for luxurious gilded metal accents at your wedding is not going away. If anything the trend returns stronger this year, with everything from pure gold to a heady mixture of precious metals adorning silk ribbons, cakes and table linens.

Image Credit: Liz Baker Fine Art Wedding Photography

Opulence Meets Elegance

Creating a luxurious elegant theme isn’t always easy, but I have found the perfect balance between glamour and g(u)ilt with our beautiful range of pure gold, silver and copper ribbons to add brilliance to your wedding day.For understated urban glamour, try crisp white or softer ivory with soft citron gold leaf, or warm greys with 24 carat red gold. For more opulent elegance, go for richer tones of plum and burgundy, deep charcoal or subtle blush, leafed with our citron gold leaf.

Image Credit: Agnes Black UK + Destination Wedding Photographer

Add Sparkle to the Softness

Bohemian weddings are all about the quirky and the creative, so we would go for bold here, mixing metals for an eclectic look, gold and copper ribbons for your dreamcatcher, copper leaf bouquet ribbons, metallic napkins as beautiful keepsake wedding favours, or even a silver macramé wall backdrop! Flower-girls and bridesmaids with their own personal and unique ribbons in mixed golds and silver, glinting in the sun, and providing hints of reflections and style.

Mining for Metal

Gold and other metallic leafs are different to gold foiling in that they aremore refined, hammered into thin sheets by gold beating. Hard to handle and as flighty as the wind, we use brushes to capture the enchanted metals and hand apply to our ribbons and silks. Available in a wide range of karats (purity), we work with white gold, citron gold, red gold and champagne, through to ‘Dutch’ metals – faux gold, silver and pure copper.

Image Credit: Agnes Black UK + Destination Wedding Photographer

The Gilded, The Glam and The Gorgeous

Applying the metallic leaf by hand allows each piece to be truly unique, a romantic heirloom from your wedding day. Use it to tie around your gilded cake, as napkins ties and even on the napkins themselves, we never tire of adding a dazzle of glamour. You could even go all-out and commission a bespoke gilded backdrop for your ceremony or top table.

By commissioning one of these beautiful special pieces, the memories of your wedding day will never dull.We love the idea of using the fabric after the wedding as a hanging behind your bed, a timeless and luminous reminder of your love, the threads weaving the story of your romance and marriage.

Image Credit: Agnes Black UK + Destination Wedding Photographer