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Posted by Sian Cornish on 14th Nov 2018


There is nothing more pleasing to my eye than cascading streams of silk ribbons blowing in the breeze. Whilst I do adore them adorning my studio, they work far better on your bouquet, adding a sense of movement, a call of the wild if you will.


Who is going to need ribbon? The bride is, of course, deserving of the longest and wildest of silk streams (if she so desires!). I love to mix colours and widths, even fabrics, to create a stunning effect.

Plant Dyed Silk Ribbon Collection

For warm tones, try our gorgeous Persian Spice Collection, featuring soft apricot tones with warm spice and versatile gold ivory.

WILD RIVER – For the full on, no holds barred ribbon streamer, go for 12 metres of ribbon, split into 3 lengths of different colours and/or widths. A duo of wide silk habotai teamed with a more modest width bamboo silk works wonders.

SILK STREAM – More knee length than floor sweeping, you will need 3-6 metres as a minimum, effective as one colour or split into two, either contrasting or tonal.

ROMANTIC RIVULET – An elegant understated look will need between 1 and 3 metres (you can always use any remaining from the spool for other styling). Classic Ivory and Blush are always popular choices.

Persian Spice Silk Ribbon Collection

Peaches and Cream Silk Ribbon Collection

Caramel Cream Silk Ribbon Collection


For a soft and romantic look, work with seasonal, natural tones in the ribbons. I love Olive Green paired with Bright Ivory, pale apricot Blush and warm Gold Ivory or even softest Cornish blue and Silver Moon grey.


Where gentle is just not the order of the day, you can really go to town with a riot of colours. Our orange/pink Tulip Tree is a firm favourite teamed with Coral and Copper Gold, and I predict our new colours Sunset (think pink/orange), Plum and Old Rose. For me, the wider the better – go bold!

Silk Ribbon Boutonniere Collection Blue

Silk Ribbon Boutonniere Collection Pink

DIY Bride

Our ribbon streaming bundles provide a great go-to answer for our DIY bride. With a mixture of lengths and widths, you can choose from our ready curated ones, or commission you very own bespoke bundle (minimum order 12 metres). You will then be covered for the bride and bridal party, some extra finishing touches and even those all-important buttonholes!

Ribbons will be with you well after the beautiful flowers they adorned have faded, a treasured memory of your wonderful day, maybe even an heirloom for the next generation.

Tie up your wedding photos and special memories with soft silks, a special gift to yourself of your wedding day. Let our ribbons be part of your special story.