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Posted by Sian Cornish on 3rd Dec 2018


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas……

What a wonderful time of the year December is, full of festivity and fun, gifts and goodwill. But, there is also lots of waste and excess, mounds of plastic and wrapping paper that can't even be recycled.

Here at Lancaster & Cornish, we love to slow it all right down and be considerate to our environment, create beautiful handmade decorations and make the gift wrapping as special as the gift itself.

TIP 1: Bring Nature Inside

There is something rather wonderful about finding seeds, pine cones and foliage to bring inside and use creatively. A mindful walk in nature is a lovely way to find and forage the basics, get some inspiration and some fresh air at the same time. Nature is abundant in every season, but it is only really in winter that you get to marvel at the architecture of pine cones, the eternal green of fir and those acorns not yet hidden by the squirrels.

What to look for? We find inspiration in fallen twigs, ivy, evergreens such as holly and douglas fir and the less common, a skeleton leaf perhaps, acorns and a myriad of different pine cone types.

We love to team these elements of nature with our plant dyed COPPER GOLD silk habotai ribbons, GOLD TAUPE or a simple IVORY GOLD.

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We all hate the mound of scrunched up wrapping paper that appears on Christmas morning. Now that we more aware as a society that most of this cheap paper isn't even recyclable due to plastic coatings, there really is every reason to an eco-friendly alternative.

Well, this is where I have a rather wonderful, and sustainable suggestion. It's not rocket science, but it is is beautiful, easy to do and leaves plenty of scope for the imagination to run wild.

You simply need some brown paper (I suggest a recycled brown Kraft type paper), or some lovely recycled tissue paper, bundles of plant dyed silk ribbons and a little imagination.

Go for warm jewel tones with PLUM, BURGUNDY and OLD ROSE or a the warmth tones of COPPER GOLD and IVORY GOLD, teamed with cinnamon and nutmeg colours for an extra hint of warmth.

Team with dried hydrangeas, herbs, pine cones or foraged and found seed heads and nuts for your finishing touches.

We also love the Scandi look, using gorgeous recycled white tissue paper (for example from The Tiny Box Company ), teamed with the colours of frost and sea mist, SEA SILVER, SILVER MOON and DARK MOON.

TIP 3: Sparkle and Magic

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a sprinkle of gold dust!

Hand-crafted and dyed with natural plant dyes, our soft and silky bamboo ribbon is gently hand frayed for a feathered edge. Genuine 23 carat gold leaf or faux silver leaf is then applied by hand. The ribbon is 3 metres in length, and available in a range of widths and colours. Each piece is unique and individual, crafted to become part of your Christmas wrapping story.

Your ribbon can be kept, treasured and re-used or re-purposed for years. Make your Christmas wrapping part of your Christmas presents this year, and enjoy some wonderful 'Slow Christmas' moments.

Now, that's what I call the spirit of the season.

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