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Image: Taylor & Porter


For me, it’s always been about story.

I never knew I had a family background in textiles.  When I first started out, it was simply a passion – that feeling of fabric through the fingers, finding the gorgeous grains hidden in the silks and experimenting, creating depth from the textures.

It was only many years later that I found out that it’s in my blood.  It turns out that my Grandfather and Great Grandfather owned D. M. Lancaster, a three-floor fabric emporium in George Street, central Manchester in the twenties and thirties.  They sourced incredible fabrics from all over the world.  My Great -Grandfather was a cotton weaver and it’s amazing to think that 100 years later I’m experiencing the same beauty and simple satisfaction from my own personal experience with cottons and silks every single day.

Everything is hand-dyed, reflecting the journey the fabric has been on, with natural colours from foraged plants, homegrown flowers and local seaweeds.  I draw my inspiration from the local landscape, the incredible colours and changing seasonal tones of the Cornish countryside.

The ethos behind Lancaster & Cornish is about keeping it intimate, ethical and kind to the environment.  I work on a small scale, experimenting with new colours and palettes to accent my core collection, each created to my secret recipe, infusing your ribbons with romance.

So although this is the place where I tell my story, really the fabrics have a tale to tell of their own, each one created with so much care that I only hope they add to the narrative that you’re creating, the invisible thread woven into your very own story.